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BagongOther Names: Bawor and Kacepot

Family: Son of Semar. He has two brothers: Nala Gareng and Petruk, collectively known as the Panakawan.

Appears in these lakon (stories): Any Mahabharata and Ramayana, particularly in the comedy interlude known as Gara-gara.




Name: Anoman

Other names: Hanuman, Bambang Senggana, Ramandayapati, Anjani Putra, Bayu Siwi, Mayangkara, Maruti, Guru Putra, Mayanggaseta, Kapiwara.

Family: Son of Bathara Guru and Anjani

Title/Position(s): Hindu Priest in Kendhalisada, Commanding General in Ayodya.

Appears in these lakon (stories): Ramayana – Anoman Lahir, Bharatayuda Sari Palwaga or Brubuh Alengka. Mahabharata – Makutharama.

Variations: He has white skin and white face.

Other information: When Bathara Guru sees Anjani meditating in a frog-like position with no clothes, his sperm falls on to the leaves and goes into Anjani’s mouth. Anjani becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby monkey with white skin and white fur, Anoman.

Anoman can also be said to be the son of Rama and Sinta. When Rama and Sinta are evicted from Ayodya, they go to an area outside the village. Sinta is pregnant and wants to drink. But in the forest there is no water, only a lake. Rama gets water from the lake with a leaf. Sinta drinks that water and then her baby changes into a monkey. Bathara Guru to meet her said about her baby changed to that of a monkey.  Bathara Guru takes the baby from Sinta’s womb and gives it to Anjani.