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PrahasthaOther Names: Sukesa

Family: Son of Sumali and Dewi Danuwati. He has a old sister: Dewi Sukesi. He has a son: Raden Pulontani

Title/Position(s): Prince of Purwadikaran. Commanding General of Alengka.

Appears in these lakon (stories): Ramayana – Alap-alapan Sukesi, Subali Lena, Bedahe Lokapala, Dasamuka Gledheg, Prahastha Lena.

Other information: Prahasta is charged with keeping the flower Dewaretna, but the flower is stolen by Pramuja while Prahasta is asleep. Rahwana is furious over Prahasta’s negligence. Prahasta goes off chasing Pramuja. On the way he must face rows of monkey soldiers led by Anila. Anila is also the rank of prime minister in government of Sugriwa, the king of the Wanara.

In the battle many soldiers died at the hands of Prahasta. Anila himself was exhausted and chose to flee to avoid Prahasta. In Alengka, the border city of great monuments, Anila finds a monument and uses it to hit the head Prahasta. Prahasta was killed with a shattered body.

The monument which uprooted by Anila and used to kill Prahasta is transformed into an angel named Indradi, who is none other than the birth mother of Sugriwa, Anjani and Subali. She was the wife of a sage named Gotama who have condemned her to become a monument because she had an affair with Batara Surya. The death blow to Prahasta by Anila frees Indradi from the curse of her husband.



DasamukaOther Names: Rahwana

Family: Son of Wisrawa and Dewi Sukesi. He has two younger brothers: Kumbakarna and Gunawan Wibisana and a younger sister: Dewi Sarpakenaka

Title/Position(s): King of Alengka

Appears in these lakon (stories): Ramayana – Sumantri Gugur, Alap-Alapan Sukesi, Bedahe Lokapala, Subali Lena, Sinto Colong, Brubuh Alengka.

Other information: When he dies his spirit is not welcome in heaven, and he becomes a wandering spirit located in an area called Suargabandang. He rules over all the spirits in the area. He changes his name to Godha Kumara or Godha Yitma.


BrajamusthiOther Names: Prabakesa

Family: Son of Tremboko. He has three brothers: Arimba, Brajadenta, Kalabendana and a sister: Arimbi.

Title/Position(s): Commanding General of Pringgondani

Appears in these lakon (stories): Mahabharata – Gandamana Luweng, Bratayuda Pamuksa, Kikis Tunggarana, Brajadenta Mbalela, Baratayuda Jaya Binangun (Suluhan) or Gathutkaca Gugur.

Other information: He has five brothers: Arimba, Brajadenta, Brajawikalpa, Brajalamatan, Kalabendana.


BrajadhentaFamily: Son of Tremboko. He has three brothers: Arimba, Brajamusthi and Kalabendana, and a sister: Dewi Arimbi.

Title/Position(s): Prince of Pringgondani.

Appears in these lakon (stories): Mahabharata – Gandamana Luweng, Bratayuda Pamuksan, Gathutkaca Winisudha or Brajadhenta Mbalela

Other information: He has five brothers: Arimba, Brajamusthi, Brajawikalpa, Brajalamatan and Kalabendana

Niwata Kawaca

Niwata Kawaca Other Names: Nurwuta Kawaca, Nirbita

Family: Son of Bambang Kandhihawa

Title/Position(s): King of Ima-Imantaka

Appears in these lakon (stories): Mahabharata – Bambang Kandhihawa and Arjuna Wiwaha

Other information: Niwata Kawaca wants to propose to Bathari Supraba, by having Mamangmurka deliver his proposal to the gods. The gods do not approve of Niwata Kawaca’s desire, and there is war between the gods and Mamangmurka. The gods lose and ask for help from Arjuna, who at that time is meditating for the victory of the Pandawa in the Baratayuda war. In this story when Arjuna is meditating he is renamed Ciptoning. Bathara Indra arrives to ask for help to kill Mamangmurka and Niwata Kawaca. Arjuna is eventually able to kill Niwata Kawaca and Mamangmurka. As a reward Arjuna and Bathari Supraba marry and he becomes king of the part of heaven for goddesses and is named Kiritin.

Variations: In another version Niwata Kawaca is actually Arjuna’s son.


ArimbaFamily: Son of Tremboko. He has a younger sister: Arimbi, and three younger brothers: Brajadhenta, Brajamusthi and Kala Bendana.

Title/Position(s): King of Pringgandani.

Appears in these lakon (stories): Mahabharata – Baratayuda Pamuksa, Babat Alas Wisamarta.

Other information: Arimba has five younger brothers: Brajadhenta, Brajamusthi, Brajawikalpa, Brajalamatan and Kala Bendana.