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Jin Sakar

Jin Sakar
Other Names: Jin Ifrit

Title/Position(s): Follower of Nabi Sulaiman (Solomon)

Appears in these lakon (stories): Javanese Stories – Ismaya Lahir

Other information: Jin Sakar was a follower of Nabi Sulaiman (Solomon) told to destroy the Pulau Dewa. Jin Sakar arrives at the destination. But he is defeated by Sang Hyang Wenang. Jin Sakar is sent back to steal a supernatural secret of Nabi Sulaiman, the Maklukat Gaib Ring gift from God. After successfully stealing the ring, Jin Sakar returns to Pulau Dewa but the Maklukat Gaib Ring falls into the sea.


Sang Hyang Wenang

Sang Hyang Wenang
Other Names: Sang Hyang Pada Wenang

Family: Son of Nurrasa and Dewi Sarwati. He has one older brother: Sang Hyang Darmajaka and younger brother: Sang Hyang Pramana Wisesa

Title/Position(s): God of Pulau Dewa Heaven.

Appears in these lakon (stories): Javanese Stories – Ismaya Lahir, Mahabharata–Dewa Ruci and Bima Suci.

Other information: Sang Hyang Wenang is worshipped like a God by the inhabitants of Pulau Dewa.



Family: Son of Prabu Salya. He has three sisters: Erawati, Surtikanthi and Banowati and a brother: Rukmarata

Title/Position(s): Prince of Mandaraka.

Appears in these lakon (stories): Mahabharata – Parta Krama, Sembadra Larung and Bharatayuda Jaya Binangun (Bharatayuda Timpalan)

Other information: Burisrawa is killed by Setyaki in the Bharatayuda Jaya Binangun war.



Family: Son of Matswapati and Dewi Rekathawati. He has two brothers: Seta and Utara and a sister: Dewi Utari.

Title/Position(s): Commanding General of Wiratha

Appears in these lakon (stories): Mahabharata – Wiratha Parwa, Bharatayuda Jaya Binangun.

Other information: Wratsangka is killed in the Bharatayuda Jaya Binangun war by Prabu Salya.